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We only sell verified, real raw honey. Unfiltered. Unpasteurized. Unadulterated. This is the real stuff straight from the hive to the jar with nothing else added in between. Every jar is a gift from the bees to you. Every jar helps sustain family-owned bee farms. Try some real raw honey today!

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Pure, Real Raw Honey

Enjoy pure, raw, unadulterated, unfiltered honey at its finest. Our honey is unpasteurized and totally raw. It has no sugars added. It is never mixed with cheap offshore honey. It still has naturally-occurring pollen from the bees. The live enzymes and yeasts are present. This is 100% raw honey! Not sure what raw honey is? Find out on our FAQ.

Sustainable Raw Honey

Our vision is to sustain family-owned bee farms & businesses. We want to connect them with great people like you who just want raw honey the way it was intended! Every jar of our pure, raw honey helps support hard-working American beekeepers & families like our own. Every raw honey stick contributes to supporting sustainable beekeeping in the USA.

Raw Honey With Benefits

This is raw honey with recognized natural health benefits and an amazing flavor. Our clover honey varietal is smooth and robust. It is perfect for breakfast, tea or on the go with honey sticks. Stir it into your tea. Drizzle it on your toast. Add it to recipes in place of sugar. Enjoy raw honey the way God meant it to be! You can also enjoy big savings with bulk raw honey deals and our discount honey bundles.

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